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Replace the Flatboat Fundraiser

Ahoy, history enthusiasts and preservation advocates! We’re setting sail on a mission to “Replace the Flatboat” at the Netherland Inn, and we need your support to keep our historic journey afloat!

Imagine the stories this flatboat could tell—laden with cargo, navigating the waters of the Holston River, and connecting communities along the Great Trading Path. It’s not just a vessel; it’s a living piece of our heritage, and it needs your help to continue its voyage through time.

Every donation, big or small, will help us chart a course toward preserving this invaluable piece of history. Whether you’re tossing in a doubloon or a treasure chest, your contribution will make waves in preserving our shared past for generations to come!

So, let’s join hands and hearts to “Replace the Flatboat” and keep the spirit of the Netherland Inn alive. Together, we can ensure that this historic gem continues to navigate the currents of time. Donate today and let’s set sail on this historic endeavor!

Please click the button below to make your donation. Thank you!